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Reverse Engineering


CREOFF worked for several projects for this international client, mainly active in financial and health sector

Successie rekenaar

Successierekenaar Wolters Kluwers

The original ‘Successierekenaar’ has been a successful software package for succession planning. Now the plan was to create an online web application from this windows desktop application.

The original developer was not available anymore to help with the new application. This meant that the analysts and developers had to reverse engineer the logic embedded hundreds of thousands lines of code

CreOFF played a development role in converting this highly acclaimed existing desktop software package into version 1 of the online web application. Technology wise this meant creating a HTML5 website using the then brand new AngularJS framework and lots (lots!) of tests to avoid regression errors while porting the formulae to the new software.

Wolters Kluwer Successierekenaar (Dutch)


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