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We saw the light


In 2016 we entered the connect hardware world and joined the developer team of smart lighting startup TriLED.

TriLED is a Belgian startup that offers sport facilities, manufacturers, retailers and other businesses a smarter way of lighting their production halls.

TriLED offers a “smart” lighting solution with lights that are connected to the web and equipped with useful sensors that detect motion etc. This allows them to react to their environment.

To control the the lighting layout, profiling and setup a web based application was needed.

CREOFF helped to create the MVP (minimal viable product) for the web application that would let users organise and layout the light groups on a map of their buildings.

The at the time brand new Angular 2 framework (version beta.0) was used to build the application with D3 for the maps and display of buildings. An unexpected challenge was to keep the mvp updated during development to use the latest Angular beta releases since they often had different syntax and other breaking changes (eg modules introduced in beta 5).

Read more about TriLED on their website:


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